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What Is Alcoholism - Gaining An Understanding

To find out what is alcoholism, one must first understand that it involves a person who is physically dependent on alcohol to the point that for the person to stop drinking would result in unpleasant symptoms of withdrawl. A person who fits the above description is often determined to have alcohol dependency or addiction.

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This type of addiction can cause all sorts of problems for those who are dealing with it. For example, it can cause difficulties in one's health and life.

Alcohol abuse and dependency can be caused by many different factors. If a person happens to have a history of alcohol addiction in his or her family, then he or she will certainly be more predisposed to the disease. This is known as genetic predisposition addiction.However, this does not mean that everyone who is predisposed will fall victim to it. It just means that the chances are greater for such people.

In addition, stress can be a contributing factor to the disease. The availability of alcohol can also contribute to a person's overuse of the drug. So, when one considers what is alcoholism, it is important to remember that it is a disease that can result from a variety of factors.

When the question: "Am I an alcoholic" is raised, it is also important to be well informed about the symptoms that are listed below:

1) Craving-A person can feel the extreme need to drink, just as he or she would crave food or water.

2) Tolerance of alcohol-The more one drinks, the more one needs to drink to continue to achieve a "high" or a "buzz".

3) Dependence on alcohol- dependence manifests itself witih symptoms of nausea, shaking and sweating when the addict stops drinking.

4) Loss of control over drinking-When one begins drinking and cannot stop with just one or two.

When someone displays signs of alcoholism, the important thing is to be able to stop drinking successfully. There is no known cure for alcoholism: however, once someone has stopped drinking and is in the recovery phase, there are methods of prevention that can be used. Alcohol dependency counseling is often helpful for those who are suffering from the disease. It is important for everyone involved with the person suffering from the addiction to understand what is alcoholism. That way, a recovering alcoholic will have a beneficial support system.

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Alcohol Addiction | Drug Prevention | What Is Alcoholism | Alcohol Addiction Cd | Symptoms Of Alcohol Addiction | Alcohol Addiction Withdrawal