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Social Symptoms Of Alcohol Addiction

The symptoms of alcohol addiction are reflected in almost every aspect of our society. It affects family, friends and every one of us! The affects have no social boundaries. Whether rich or poor, alcohol addiction can rear its ugly head and have a negative impact on our world.

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Learning to identify the signs and symptoms of alcohol addiction is a beginning for correcting the problems. The indicators can be personal or global. As we become familiar with the indicators, we can personalize them and become involved. We should be concerned rather than complacent. Let us first consider how it affects our home life.

Have you ever heard kids say: "dad and mom used to be nice, but now they're always angry"? The symptoms of alcohol addiction are reflected in our personalities. As the addicted person becomes more dependent on alcohol, family priorities are replaced by their desire to drink. The kids might say: "Where has dad (or mom) been going lately"? The tolerance levels of any addiction increase with the continued abuse.

The user will find reasons to leave to imbibe in order to feed the habit. He or she will withdraw from family in order to seek a hidden or safe place to drink. "What's wrong with mom? She is always sick", the kids observe. The addicted will forsake even their health. This might result in physical problems. Unlike other addictions, alcohol affects every cell in the body. This can lead to lower immunity levels and even severe organ problems.

Now consider the social symptoms of alcohol addiction. The afflicted person might show up at work after drinking or start to miss more work. The importance of feeding their addiction has become more important than maintaining his or her productivity. Bills are not being paid on time or the user gets in an accident while driving under the influence.

The addiction requires more and more of the users' finances and replaces common sense with a desire to feed it. The addicted will find excuses not to attend social events so they will be able to drink. This results in missed commitments and obligations. Take notice if your loved one withdraws from society and spends more time alone.

Finally, let's consider general indicators. Denial is an indicator of advanced alcohol addiction. This person will begin to hide the truth of how much he or she drank to his family or friends. "I only had a couple" he or she might tell them, even though they know it was much more. Shame is the main reason for this. The problem is advanced and most folks hate to admit that to anyone!

Personal appearance is another indicator to consider. Has your loved one, who once dressed and looked wonderful, begun to seem uncaring? The addiction will replace self confidence and sense of self with depression and self destructive activities. These social symptoms of alcohol addiction, as well as many more, should be addressed and not ignored. Addiction is a social problem that will affect everyone, so get involved!

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Alcohol Addiction | Drug Prevention | What Is Alcoholism | Alcohol Addiction Cd | Symptoms Of Alcohol Addiction | Alcohol Addiction Withdrawal